Soans Corporation is a Proprietary firm started for EPC & Front End Engineering Design (F.E.E.D) for Solar Power Projects. Other area of interest of the Promoter is Roofing Tiles and Hospitality. Our mission is to bring all the Renewable Energy Suppliers under one roof so that the final customer will get more suitable products and services.



Swedish Engineering is quality trademark you can trust. When combined with high quality Solar Cells in PPAM Onyxium, PPAM Paladium or PPAM Transpariumm high yieds are reached with good thermal Properties. The Panels are produced using only high quality raw materials from leading

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Presently Roof Top area is the Largest and cheapest real estate area available. Roof Top is the easiest area where we can harness the Sun’s Energy which is freely available. Putting up Solar PV Modules on the roof, will keep the house cooler by creating an air

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Bio Fuel

Waste management is the major problems faced every day life. We offer Services for construction of Bio gas plant using organic feed stock. Bio gas produced can be used for cooking as replacement for LPG/Natural Gas, Power Generation or up graded to Bio CNG/Purified Bio Gas.

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Mr. Andreas Molin (Technical Advisor): Is the CEO and Chairman of  PPAM Solkraft.

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