PPAM Soalkraft

Swedish Engineering is quality trademark you can trust. When combined with high quality Solar Cells in PPAM Onyxium, PPAM Paladium or PPAM Transpariumm high yieds are reached with good thermal Properties. The  Panels are produced using only high quality raw materials from leading suppliers. PPAM Onyxium and PPAM Paladium are ideal for residential buildings and on Facades, Industrial Roof Tops and large scale Solar power plant systems. The Bifacial PPAM Transparium can be used in any applications such as building shading, glass railings, shading for parking lots etc for maximum power output.

Bifacial PV Modules and Systems

Some bifacial gain values from literature (mainly experimental / test systems)

  • Bifacial modules show a big potential for increased yield and / or reduced electricity costs
  • Bifacial gain is not a module property
  • Each system layout needs an individual assessment
  • Small experimental or demonstration systems show bifacial gains of 15% to 25%
  • With larger commercial systems, realistic bifacial gains are expected in a range from 5% to 15%
  • Optimization of mounting geometry and mounting structure is essential in order to draw the full benefits from bifacial PV modules

Electric properties:



20 % Bifacial Effect

  Max. Power [Pmax]



  Open circuit Voltage [Voc]



  Max. Pow. Voltage[Vmpp]

41,9 V

41,9 V

  Short Circ.Current [Isc]

9.2 A

11.0 A

  Max. Pow. Current [Impp]


10,3 A

  Power Tolerance

-3%/+5 %

-3/+5 %



22,3 %

IV-curve @ 25°C module temp

Physical properties

  Cell Type

  BifacialMono N-type

  Cell dimensions

  156 x156 mm

  Cells per module


  Maximum System Voltage

  1000 V


  27.3 kg

  Module Dimensions

  1959 x 990 x 6 mm


  -40°C to +85°C

  Max load

  550 kg/m² front (snow) 83 m/s wind rating

Thermal properties





  CurrentTemp. Coefficient

  +0.03 %/K

  Power Temp.Coefficient

  -0.28 %/K


All the data provided by PPAM Solkraft Swden and displayed on their behalf