Bio Fuel

Waste management is the major problems faced every day life.  We offer Services for construction of Bio gas plant using organic feed stock. Bio gas produced can be used for cooking as replacement for LPG/Natural Gas, Power Generation or up graded to Bio CNG/Purified Bio Gas.

We represent Nordic Cleantech Group. For Smaller Bio gas plants 50 kg to 500 kgs of waste per day capacity,  we offer FOV Bio Gas plant. The Digester is made of Special fabric which make it very easy and fast to install.



The plants bigger than 500 kg of waste per day capacity, we offer J&F Bio Gas. This Bio Gas digester specially designed for treating waste generated from Industrial Canteens, Hotels, Software parks, Universities. This requires a minimum space for installation, and comes with automation system for continous monitoring of health of the digester. One metric Tom of Food waste per day can generate up to 140 Cu meters of raw bio gas which is equivalent to 70 kgs of LPG






Conventional vs FOV

Coventional systems

FOV Innovative technology

Advantages of FOV Digesters

• Foldable + low weight
• Easy distribution
• Easy storage
• Easy takeback/resell
• Installation on high rise buildings
• Cost effective

Biogas being used for cooking

Process flow diagram and description

Customers & waste types

All kinds of organic waste (and collaborations)