Bird Watching

If you??are an avid bird watcher, you will not be disappointed.?? Kundapur with its varied landscape - the Sea on one side, its many rivers & proximity to the Western Ghats makes it home to the diverse Bird Life around this place. The Mangrove forests, swampy areas close to the river are ideal habitats for many species of water birds like Egrets, Herons, Purple moorhen, Ibis, Cormorants, Jacanas etc.?? Peacocks move around in groups everywhere in the periphery of the forests and scrublands. Koni, 1 km from the town is an ideal place to spot birds. The open scrubland around Kundapur Railway station is another such place. On the way to Kollur once can visit Mookambika Wild Life Sanctuary where one can see the forest birds like the Hornbill and the Emerald Dove.?? The Anejari Wildlife Camp is situated in the Reserve Forest where one can rent a cottage with the prior permission of the wildlife authority.?? While strolling along the beaches of Kodi, Gopadi and Trasi you can spot sea birds such as Paradise Flycatchers, Drongos, Spotted doves, Kingfishers and Barbets.????

Best Season to visit : October to Feb.


Birds Around Kundapur

1.Birds In your Garden????
a.?? Red Vented Bulbul????
b.????Ashy Wren Wrbler????
c.????Magpie Robin????
d.????Crow peasant or Red caucal
e.????Golden backed Woodpecker????
f.??????White eye????
g.????Purple sunbird????
h.????Jungle babblers??
?????? (Seven sisters)??????
i.????Red Whiskered Bulbul
j.????Tailor Bird????
k.????Spotted Dove????
m.????Golden Oriole????
n.????Paradise Fly catcher??
o.????Common pie????????????
q.????Tree pie??????????????????????????
r.????Common Myna

2.??Around Fields and open meadows
1.?? Red wattled Lawping
2.????Baya or the weaver birds????
3.????Sky lark
6.????Scarlet Minivets????
7.????Black tailed Drongo
8.????Blue Jay or Indian Roller????
9.????Pariah Kite??
10.??Fly Catchers????
12.??Rock Pigeon

13.??Munia- Spotted????
14.??Munia-Black headed
15.??Creasted lark??
16.??Marsh Harrier
17.??Black Winged Kite??
18.??Racket tailed Drongo
20.??Bush Chat
21.??Rufous backed shirke????
22.??Bee caters,(little green)
23.??Blue tailed bee cater????
24.??Wire tailed Swallow??Shifts

3.Birds near Ponds,??Rivers & Streams

  1. Cattle egrets

  2. Bitterns

  3. Paddy bird??????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  4. Night heron

  5. Pied Kingfisher

  6. Little cormorant

  7. Brahimny kite

  8. Jacanas

  9. White breasted waterhen

  10. Little green heron

  11. Grey heron

  12. Medium egrets

  13. Little egrets????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  14. Large egrets

  15. King fishers blue & Brown Chested(White breasted)

  16. River Tern, Whiskered tern,??Carpian tern????

4.??On our Sea Shore

  1. Sea gulls??????????????????????????????????????

  2. Terns

  3. Turn Stone??????????????????????????????

  4. Oyster catcher

  5. Sand plover????????????????????????????

  6. Osprey


5.??Our Winter Visitors

  1. Golden Plover????????????????????

  2. Avocet

  3. Terek Sand Piper????????????

  4. Red Shank

  5. Green Shank????????????????????????

  6. Curlew

  7. Whimbrel Ringed plover Wood sand piper, common sand piper Marsh sand piper

  8. Ringed plover Wood sand piper, common sand piper

  9. Malabar Hornbill

Courtesy: Dr. Malli, Flora & Fauna Club, Kundapur.???? Tel : +91 9448107836