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Welcome to a vista of winsome beauty where verdant mountain slopes play with lush plains, swaying palms dance around sparkling beaches and winding rivers silently slithers into a mighty ocean. Tradition based on a legend has it that the sage Jamadagni and his wife Renukadevi with their four sons lived long ago. Jamadagni, was a man of violent temper. On returning home one day, Jamadagni noticed that Renukadevi was steeped in thought and failed to greet him. In a fit of blind rage, at what he thought was a slight, he ordered his eldest son to kill his mother. He refused and was cursed to be a stone. The sage then turned to his second and third son each to do likewise. They too refused and were turned into stone. Jamadagni then asked his last son Parashurama to kill his mother. He did this with an axe and won the approval of his father.

As a reward for his obedience, Jamadagni promised to fulfil any three boons his son would

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Coastal Destination

Coastal Karnataka has a long historical and cultural tradition. Situated on the West Coast, it has attracted many foreign traders from Europe, the Middle East and even Israel for centuries. Mangalore was under Portugese for sometime and later under Tippu

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Architectural Wonders

Down the ages, rulers and conquerors have fused the imprint of their culture and civilization with local traditions in art and architecture. The heritage left to us is a mosaic of Indo-Saracenic, Chalukyan, Hoysala, Chola, Dravidian, Mughal, and Jain architecture.

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Temples of the Coast

Coorg also known locally as Kodagu is a place of exquisite beauty and delight to any tourist. Countless streams murmur and gurgle as they snake down the mountain slopes into the valleys below. Herein lies an opportunity for the stout hearted to seek new

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Jain Circuit

Karnataka was influenced by Jainism since around BC 3 and was at the peak till Hoysala Dynasty. Till the “King Vishnuverdhan” of Hoysala Dynasty, most of their kings were Jains. In these times, Kings, Generals, and other rich people had built many

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Bird Watching

If you are an avid bird watcher, you will not be disappointed. Kundapur with its varied landscape - the Sea on one side, its many rivers & proximity to the Western Ghats makes it home to the diverse Bird Life around this place. The Mangrove forests, swampy .

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Meet the natives who aren't exposed to tourists and feel the real village life. Discover the country side and experience the adventure on wheels. Smell the flowers and the fruits as you pass the garden. Let the cool breeze caress your cheeks as you pass

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